• I have had all great responses about middle school and high school curriculum.  The high school football coaches were really feeling it.  Thank you so much for your passion and ability to inspire.

    Joy Williams, McKinney ISD PE and Health Specialist
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  • Middle School Curriculum

    Multi-Activity Curriculum Model

    (variety of activities for student exploration of interest level)

    Research based physical activity curriculum that emphasizes a Multi-Activity Model approach. This electronic PDF curriculum contains a scope and sequence with TEKS for each year and three years (total of 84 days each semester for three years) of daily lessons that each contain a warm-up, the lesson focus and cool-down/closure (see sample lesson). It is designed from NASPE and Texas outcomes, but can be adapted to any state’s outcomes. This skill development curriculum encompasses numerous activities emphasizing sport skills, rhythm/dance, cooperative activities, Frisbee activities, jump rope skills, orienteering, scooter activities, and many others.

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