• PE teachers must maintain or begin to build high expectations for their students.

    Dr. Debbie Rhea, FrogLessons Creator
  • Participating Schools

    Keller ISD
    Fort Worth ISD
    Dallas ISD
    Southlake ISD
    Houston ISD

  • In-Service Training

    Different types of inservice training that I am experienced in:

    K-12 Physical Education

    Half day or Full day sessions

    • Developmentally appropriate physical activity for elementary, middle school, or high school specialists
    • Appropriate methods and techniques to teach successfully
    • Transitions and routines in the gym

    Motivation Talks for School Districts

    1-2 hour sessions

    • Start of a new school year
    • Change in personnel
    • Stress management for teachers, staff, administrators
    • Changing the way we see teaching

    FrogLessons Curriculum Training

    Half day or Full day sessions

    • Elementary curriculum training – movement education or skill development training
    • Middle school curriculum training – framework development of sport, cardio, rhythm, fitness, cooperation
    • High school curriculum training – pick the course or courses the school district needs to be trained

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