• PE teachers must maintain or begin to build high expectations for their students.

    Dr. Debbie Rhea, FrogLessons Creator
  • Participating Schools

    Keller ISD
    Fort Worth ISD
    Dallas ISD
    Southlake ISD
    Houston ISD

    1. Maximum participation: small groups, enough equipment, no elimination from the game
    2. Reduce/ Eliminate Intimidation: no dodge ball games, no being put on the spot, no embarrassment or ridicule accepted by teammates allowed
    3. Developmentally appropriate

    Elementary School

    • K-2: Movement Education
    • 3-5: Motor Skill Development

    Middle School

    • Multi-Activity Curriculum Model (variety of activities for student exploration of interest level)

    High School

    • Personal Foundations Course (learn the hows & whys to a healthy active lifestyle; learn how to design a proper workout; 50/50 cognitive and physical)
    • Team & Group Sports (Sports Education Model)
    • Individual/Dual Sports (Sports Education Model)
    • Aerobic Activities (Develop cardiovascular endurance)
    • Outdoor Challenge Course (Social Skill Development)


    1. Offers unique activities that kids may not have the opportunity to do unless offered at your school (kayaking without water or a kayak, water skiing without water or a boat, etc.)
    2. Sequentially ordered so that if you followed this curriculum from K-12 grades, the students would not get bored with the same activities all the time and something different would be offered at each of the different levels. For example:
    • Elementary   bricks, large ball activities, rhythm activities
    • Middle School   kayaking; reaction balls; disc golf; step aerobics, hand weights
    • High School   group initiatives, orienteering, design workouts, learn all duties of being part of sports (officiating, keeping score, play, coach)