• I have had all great responses about middle school and high school curriculum.  The high school football coaches were really feeling it.  Thank you so much for your passion and ability to inspire.

    Joy Williams, McKinney ISD PE and Health Specialist
  • Participating Schools

    Keller ISD
    Fort Worth ISD
    Dallas ISD
    Southlake ISD
    Houston ISD

    1. Maximum participation: small groups, enough equipment, no elimination from the game
    2. Reduce/ Eliminate Intimidation: no dodge ball games, no being put on the spot, no embarrassment or ridicule accepted by teammates allowed
    3. Developmentally appropriate

    Elementary School

    • K-2: Movement Education
    • 3-5: Motor Skill Development

    Middle School

    • Multi-Activity Curriculum Model (variety of activities for student exploration of interest level)

    High School

    • Personal Foundations Course (learn the hows & whys to a healthy active lifestyle; learn how to design a proper workout; 50/50 cognitive and physical)
    • Team & Group Sports (Sports Education Model)
    • Individual/Dual Sports (Sports Education Model)
    • Aerobic Activities (Develop cardiovascular endurance)
    • Outdoor Challenge Course (Social Skill Development)


    1. Offers unique activities that kids may not have the opportunity to do unless offered at your school (kayaking without water or a kayak, water skiing without water or a boat, etc.)
    2. Sequentially ordered so that if you followed this curriculum from K-12 grades, the students would not get bored with the same activities all the time and something different would be offered at each of the different levels. For example:
    • Elementary   bricks, large ball activities, rhythm activities
    • Middle School   kayaking; reaction balls; disc golf; step aerobics, hand weights
    • High School   group initiatives, orienteering, design workouts, learn all duties of being part of sports (officiating, keeping score, play, coach)